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Interview with Jared Feild: Bloom Coffee Roasters

There isn’t a more fitting way for Jared Field, owner of Bloom Coffee Roasters, to speak about his humble beginnings except for over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. He so meticulously cares for the cup, delicately performing each step to ensure that the brew will come out just the way that it was meant to. His love of coffee emerged when his college years came to a close. Jared attended Western Michigan University and received his bachelor’s degree in journalism. He was worried about the decline in jobs for his field. He found himself applying for a position at a local barista, to package coffee. Field finds coffee extremely interesting and educational. Working at the barista led him to ‘catch the coffee bug’. The beans from all around the world are mostly what appeals to him. “It fascinates me to figure out which bean I need to pull out a particular flavor,” he says.


In April of 2014 he used the training that he had acquired from his time at the barista to begin roasting his own coffee out of his apartment. “I was no big production, just a small pot roaster”. He mainly roasted for family and friends. Their positive response gave him the push that he needed. He had always wanted to own a business. This was the time, and he decided that this was the avenue. Later that year in September, he and his business partner moved to a bigger venue in Old Town Lansing. The quaint storefront is riddled with bags of raw coffee beans, mugs and a small seating area for those who stop by.


The community surrounding coffee is another point of interest for Field. It’s motivating. A cafe setting is where people come to get a cup of coffee; something to make their day better. Old Town is a cultured community that could appreciate a good cup of coffee. Bloom Coffee Roasters are concerned about more than just what goes in your cup. Bloom is also concerned about the community surrounding it. Field makes it a point to try to deal with bean vendors that are investing back into communities. “When you know that community is involved and people are helping out on the farm. When you know that this farm has created jobs, you know that this is creating a higher quality of life. That’s something that everyone deserves,” said Field. They would eventually like to be able to direct trade with the farmers allowing for more quality control of their product. They would be investing in a farm and community. A farm that produces a high quality bean right now and has room for improvement.


Coffee from Bloom Coffee Roasters is available in the Old Town General Store and Food for Living as well as other stores. However customers can still place orders through the website http://www.​​ Each order is roasted on the spot and delivered within 24 hours. Jared is mainly in charge of production. He does all of the design and labeling, most everything is done in house. He stamps each individual bag. It is very important to the owners of Bloom that the customer is receiving an experience along with their coffee, and understand that each stage of the process is taken with care. “It’s a lot of work to roast, package and ship but that’s kind of what we built this business around.”

Roasting and brewing coffee is so much more than a piece of your mundane morning routine. “I view coffee the same way that I view music, your taste needs to be analyzed. Know how it makes you feel.  I look at different coffees for different kinds of days. It can change your day. You should wait for things that are a higher quality and slow things down.”

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Sydney Ford

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Sydney Ford is a graduating senior from Michigan State University. She has written for numerous online and print magazine publications including Capital Area Woman’s Lifestyle, Imprint, and HerCampus just to name a few. Sydney looks to continue her work in the magazine journalism industry. She also blogs and is interested in photography. When she isn’t freelancing Sydney is working on her first novel which is also debuted in her blog!


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