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Three Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Full Service Advertising Agency

1. It’s Not Your Job…But It’s Ours

Most small business owners and new entrepreneurs do not have the resources to invest in a marketing team, but still need to establish a credible presence in the media to help their businesses grow. Hiring a full-service advertising agency can help solve this common dilemma. What do you do best? If your answer does not include marketing, media buying or creative messaging, don’t sweat it. That’s what we specialize in. By hiring a full-service advertising agency you may be surprised how much time and money you will save while your brand is being successfully established.

2. Time is Money

Every business owner we meet, regardless of his or her trade, share one common challenge. Time. None of them have enough of it. Business owners have jammed packed schedules without adding marketing in the mix. Even the most promising campaigns can lose momentum when they are not being monitored and adjusted when needed. Full-service advertising agencies are hired to spend the majority of their time developing customized media plans, creating supporting materials, meeting with media representatives, choosing mediums for creative and monitoring and adjusting plans. If a full-service advertising agency does their job correctly they become an extension of the businesses they represent, allowing the owners to focus their energy in areas where they can make much larger impacts. Time truly is money.

3. Consistency is Key

There are a lot of places to advertise. A LOT. Without a professionally developed media plan it is easy for business owners to over buy, under buy or be sold opportunities that do not help them meet their objectives. Full-service advertising agencies help identify the goals and budgets of business owners and create unbiased marketing recommendations to assist them in reaching their goals. Full-service advertising agencies are not limited to specific mediums. They are able to look at the bigger picture, utilize multiple mediums and create plans that work well for each client.

About the Author

Morgan Hall (Courtesy Photo)

Morgan Hall is a Lansing native with a passion for helping small businesses succeed. Her work as media director of SPOTLIGHT media | marketing | production has allowed her to work with many successful local entrepreneurs and business owners.




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