Lansing Clothing Company

Lansing, MI Jeremy Helton is the founder and designer of Lansing Clothing Company. Lansing Clothing Company is an online t-shirt company inspired in Lansing.  Jeremy Helton started with a couple of Lansing designs in 2014 but it wasn’t until 2015 when he branched off with his idea. With a background in graphic design, Helton is using his creative talents creating a Lansing made product for everyone to show off their hometown pride.

Having a background in design and multimedia means that often times you leave your comfort zone, creating a new flavor of designs.  For Helton, a new idea came to light after seeing other cities in the U.S. such as Detroit and Chicago making city made t-shirts. Helton wanted to bring that to Lansing.  “ I enjoy buying shirts from different cities around the U.S. I felt we needed something to represent Lansing”. So Helton created Lansing Clothing Company.

​Lansing Clothing Company consists of Lansing made t-shirts and also carry Lansing designed stickers. His target market focuses primarily for men in mid 20s to 40’s but is also working on women designs. Not only does he sell his Lansing designed products online but his “Love Lansing” shirts are selling at Cravings Gourmet Popcorn  in Downtown Lansing. Helton, doing majority of the labor and designs himself, is putting in his time and effort to see people happy in Lansing wearing shirts that show off their home town.  Social media has been his number one marketing tool to get the word out about Lansing Clothing Company. All of Lansing Clothing Company’s product designs are all original and created by Helton from scratch. With the help of a Lansing screen printing company, Helton is able to have a product well designed.


Helton’s future goals for Lansing Clothing Company are to have a location in Old Town Lansing or Downtown Lansing and maybe collaborate with other t-shirt designers opening up a store front. Helton plans to add new designs in the spring and summer time of 2016 , “we want to get into hats, shorts, jackets and sweaters”. When Helton is not working on Lansing Clothing Company, he enjoys going to the Lansing Lugnuts and Lansing Fesitivals.

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All photos are courtesy photos from Lansing Clothing Company

About the Author

Ashlee Willis
Ashlee Willis is the founder and creator of Lansing Mosaic. Ashlee Willis created the Lansing Mosaic to help highlight more small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Lansing area through articles and video content. She currently resides on the Executive Board of some of Lansings well known Organizations. Ashlee enjoys her family, the beach and coffee!

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