An Interview with Lorin Cumberbatch Owner of Makeup by Lorin

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Lansing, MI Lorin Cumberbatch is owner and makeup artist of  Makeup by Lorin. Lorin is an entrepreneur who started a year ago and is already making a staple as a makeup artist in Lansing,MI. Lorin’s business is helping others look great and build their confidence. We interviewed Lorin and her business Makeup by Lorin.

Tell us about Makeup by Lorin?
Makeup By Lorin is my makeup business. I am a makeup artist and have created my own freelance business to travel to others to do makeup for them for all occasions.

How long has Makeup by Lorin been in business?
I honestly have only been in business for a year and a half, but I have accomplished so much.

What makes Makeup by Lorin unique?
Makeup By Lorin is unique because I am really about making my business a household name. I am always thinking one step ahead and trying to give my clients the best of the best. I do not think of my business as a small business, I think of it as big as Walmart. For me, I don’t see makeup as a tool to change a person. I use it to highlight the natural features that God has already blessed you with. I also want to use makeup to make someone feel beautiful and show  that everyone is beautiful.

What is your workspace like?
My work space is different every time I do makeup. Sometimes you may see me in a photographer’s studio doing a photoshoot or a women’s locker room at a venue doing a wedding. My work space changes all the time but I have my own chair, table, lighting, and my makeup kit with me at all times. I work in so many places and I make sure I come prepared with everything necessary for me to do my job.

 What do you love most about makeup?
The thing I love most about makeup is when I am all finished and the client looks in the mirror and they ask who is that looking back at them and I can see their confidence rising. And that is what I am all about being able to help a person find their confidence.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from everything. My mind is continually racing and I am always looking up new ideas, talking to people and understanding their desires with makeup.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
My signature look is clean. It almost looks like the person doesn’t have makeup on and their skin is just glowing.  Other makeup artists  try to make people look like those YouTube or Instagram girls who receive free products to promote themselves. My goal is to enhance your natural features with my signature look.

Does Makeup by Lorin have a mission statement?
To make everyday women red carpet ready for any event or occasion.

Can you describe your clients?
My clients are absolutely amazing. They are all types of people from family and friends to people I never even met who are stock brokers, master degree holders, agency models, the list can go on.

 What is your creative process like? Tell us about your favorite tools that you use being a makeup artist?
My creative process is all over the place. My mind is always thinking about everything and anything but what I love doing most is sitting down with other creative people and just thinking of new ideas to make things better or making our careers better.

 Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your business?
One person who really inspired me the most throughout my career is celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez. When I took his class before I truly thought about being a makeup artist he really spoke to me. The things he said at his class made me really think about why God gave me this talent and I need to use it to help others in ways I don’t understand yet.

Have you been featured in the media or in articles? Have you been awarded any awards?
Yes, I have been featured in media. I have worked on a TV show in Ohio called A Wedding Show ESP 15, published in a couple magazines, have I been on the Morning Blend and FOX 47 News. No awards, YET.

Do you do marketing for your business?
Yes, I do marketing for my business in almost any way possible. But social media has been a huge help for me.

What resources have you used in Lansing to get Makeup by Lorin going?
I try to use a lot of resources to get my business going. I try to hang up posters, pass out my business cards, attend events, etc etc. Whatever is out there I try to do.

How do you market Makeup by Lorin? How are people aware of your business?

 I market my business a lot through social media and through friends and family help promote me as well. My favorite thing is when a person randomly comes up to me and say ‘aren’t you the girl who does makeup’ it makes me so happy to hear that.

Who is helping to fund Makeup by Lorin? Are you funding your business yourself?
I fund my business completely by myself. I also work at Sparrow to pay for things I need but it is 100% myself.

What’s your favorite makeup for ever product?
My favorite makeup forever product is the hd pressed power because it doesn’t give a flash back at all.

Do you have any upcoming shows/events?
I have a few things going on which I do not want to expose yet but follow me on facebook at Lorin Cumberbatch Mua or

What do you like to do in Lansing when not working on Makeup by Lorin?
I am honestly always working on Makeup By Lorin. When I am not working, I am usually working at the hospital. Occasionally, I have some free time and during that time I usually try to sleep or try to hang out with friends and do something fun, such as go out to eat or go to Dave and Busters.

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