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Interview with Myles Johnson Owner of Inspirational Tie Clips

 Myles Johnson, CEO and founder of Inspirational Tie Clips is a young entrepreneur who took a motivational idea and turned it into a successful business. Inspirational Tie Clips is company that provides men with a way to identify themselves and show their character to the world using tie clips. Lansing Mosaic interviewed Myles Johnson about how he started his business.

Tell us about Inspirational Tie Clips?

It all started when I witnessed three guys walking down the street in neutral suits, solid ties. So, I said to myself how can I make at least one of these guys stand out from the herd? These tie clips allow for men in the professional, collegiate, and public areas, to stand out amongst most. It allows for the bearer to show their character to the world and live by the word on their chest.

How long has Inspirational Tie Clips been in business?

I started this company in May of 2016.

What makes Make Inspirational Tie Clips Unique?

What makes my tie clips unique is that they are inspirational. There are simple tie clips around that do not say anything at all but my tie clips encourage the bearer to live by the word they are wearing.

What is your work space like?

My work space can change depending on where I am at in the moment. At home in Lansing my work space is comfortable, but at college my work space can be slightly confining.

What do you love most about creating tie clips?

What I love most is that I get to inspire someone without even being there in a physical sense. My inspiration is embedded into all of my clips and it makes me happy to know that people do become inspired.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from my nana who always encouraged me to dress up and look nice. She inspired me to reach toward my fashion desire.

How would you describe your clients?

My clients come from all backgrounds, they reach from insurance professionals, to peers, to random people on the street. One thing they all have in common though, is that they were all inspired by my business model that it compelled them to purchase a clip. They were not buying the clip they were buying the message.

Does Inspirational Tie Clips have a mission statement?

Yes. It is; To inspire all of those who receive a clip to live by the word on it and pass forward the love to someone else.

What is your creative process like?

How do you come up with your product? I literally go to google and search inspirational words, and if I am inspired to use a word I will put it into rotation.

Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your business?

Mrs. Lonzo hands down has inspired me a lot. She is the one that helped me purchase my first set of tie clips and from there, business began to boom. She is a wonderful lady that looked out for me big time. I do fraternity tie clips as well so they have inspired me to manifest custom tie clips for their frat. Also, Future the rapper that used the word sensational in one of his interviews inspired me to put that word on a tie clip. My mother has also inspired me

Have you been featured in the media or in articles? Have you been awarded any awards?

Yes I have been featured in the news. I have been in the news for my business about 3 times now. Once in the newspaper, once online, and once on television. Also Mrs. Lonzo gave me an award through the Lansing Black Chamber of Commerce for being an Youth Entrepreneur.

Do you do marketing for your business?

Yes, I do social media marketing, but mostly grass roots talking to people in person has worked a lot for me.

What resources have you used in Lansing to get Inspirational Tie Clips started?Networking, Mrs. Lonzo, and the Lansing Black Chamber of Commerce. Those three have all aided me in furthering my business.

 How do you market Inspirational Tie Clips? How are people aware of your business?
I build a presence online through my social media accounts, and I network with a lot of people to get my name out there about my tie clips. Also, I use hashtags under my posts so that I can reach a broader audience when I post content.

Do you have a personal favorite tie clip from Inspirational Tie Clips? What makes it your favorite?

Blessed is my favorite clip because it is one of the first ones I had produced, and the way I go about life. Blessed has a deeper meaning to me than all the other ones because that is the emotion that was running through my veins when Mrs. Lonzo helped me start my business and handed me that award for being a young entrepreneur.

 What do you like to do in Lansing when not working on Inspirational Tie Clips?
I like to spend time with my family, network, and play basketball with my friends.

For more information on Inspirational Tie clips visit:

Social Media: Twitter: @InspireClip Instagram:@inspirationclips

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Ashlee Willis is the founder of Lansing Mosaic. Her mission is to help highlight small businesses and entrepreneurial partnerships in the Lansing and surrounding areas.
Twitter: @ashleerwillis

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