An Interview with Kimberly Lavon- Owner of Kimberly Lavon Ink

 All photos of Kimberly are taken by Justus Rohlfs.

East Lansing, MI- Kimberly Lavon is the owner and Artist of her printmaking business Kimberly Lavon Ink. Kimberly Lavon Ink is a printmaking shop located in East Lansing, MI.

Lansing has a lot of striving artist who are turning their hobby of art into a unique business and brand. Lansing Mosaic linked with entrepreneur Kimberly about Kimberly Lavon Ink who will be one of the premier artist at Lansing’s Old Town “Arts Night Out”.

Lansing Mosaic:  Tell us about Kimberly Lavon Ink?

Kimberly Lavon INK is a fine art printmaking shop / gallery / design studio. I create prints for exhibition and sale, exhibit work in the gallery and offer graphic design services to new and existing clientele. I’m located in downtown East Lansing, MI By appointment only.

Lansing Mosaic: How long has Kimberly Lavon Ink been in business?

I opened my shop officially in January 2009 in old town, Lansing. I moved locations 6 months after to a larger space which was unfortunately destroyed by fire. After a two year sabatical from a new outside studio location, I re-opened a new version of my business in East Lansing November, 2015.

Lansing Mosaic: How did you discover your talent for printmaking? Where did it start?

I gained a love of printmaking at my alma mater, Kendall College of Art & Design in 2004. I had many critiques of my work leading to printmaking but had no idea what it was. Upon learning all the amazing things an artist can do within the medium I was hooked almost instantly. I became the print shop aid during my time at Kendall, made it my major and have continued to print after college in my shop Kimberly Lavon INK. I absolutely love it.

Lansing Mosaic: What makes Kimberly Lavon Ink unique?

I would have to say that’s me. I know many printmakers and hope to know more as time goes on. It’s my aesthetic, personality and combination of printmaking with other mediums (in business and otherwise) that make my shop unique.

Lansing Mosaic: What is your workspace like?

It’s a carefully crafted, real life Tetris style shop & gallery full of art, pieces in progress, and equipment galore. I’d have to say it’s a variable treasure trove of items I’m sure many fellow printmakers would love.

Lansing Mosaic: Where did you get your inspiration from?

That depends on the day/ time/ and my surroundings.

I have dear friends who are always a source of inspiration & I am thankful every day I am able to have them in my space. If it’s not time with friends it’s eating great food (I’m a total foodie), if not that it’s music. Seeing something on a walk to my shop that stops me in my tracks, or during yoga contemplating what to do next also inspires me. It totally runs the gamut.

Lansing Mosaic: Does Kimberly Lavon Ink have a mission statement?

I have an artist statement but no mission statement at the moment. My work/business is ever evolving & until I get to the next level so to speak, I don’t think I will have one of those quite yet.

Lansing Mosaic: Can you describe your customers?

My customers range from young professionals to people working in fields that completely contrast mine. From accounting to legal practice and more. I appreciate the diversity of my clientele and hope to further that reach in the future.

Lansing Mosaic: What is your creative process like? Tell us about your favorite tools that you use in printmaking?

My favorite tools for making art as of late have been my new flex cut gauges & linoleum blocks. I’m really into linoleum block & woodcuts lately. I combine them with Chine-collé when creating a finished piece.

Lansing Mosaic: Tell us your favorite piece of work you created?

My favorite piece created to date is my latest billboard. It’s based on the idiom “carrot on a stick” it’s a combination of linoleum block printing, hand stitching and chine-collé.

Lansing Mosaic: Have you been featured in the media or in articles? Have you been awarded any awards?

I have had the great fortune of being published in many publications online and in print. My favorite write up so far was being featured in the City Pulse. The article was called “Rising from the Ashes” written by Jonathan Griffith. I am the proud recipient of the Individual artist grant, Chris Clark fellowship, and art in the sky program through the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. I was nominated for the Windgate National Fellowship in 2008 through Kendall College of Art & Design.

Lansing Mosaic: What are the tools that you use the most in print making?

That would be my water soluble oil based caligo inks, flex cut gauges, carefully curated collection of handmade papers for chine-collé and my ever growing collection of wood and linoleum blocks.

Lansing Mosaic: Do you do marketing for your business?

Yes! I personally do all the marketing for my business. I am looking into expanding my reach by working with other organizations or an agent to broaden my scope.

Lansing Mosaic: What resources have you used in Lansing to get your business Kimberly Lavon Ink going?

I have called on my network of other professional artists, the arts council of greater Lansing, and joined professional creative organizations to gain knowledge on marketing

my small business.

Lansing Mosaic: How do you market Kimberly Lavon Ink? How are people aware of your business?

A lot of my business is word of mouth, referrals from clients or my visibility on social media. I try to keep my audience apprised of what I’m up to & make new art every day.

Lansing Mosaic: Who is helping to fund Kimberly Lavon Ink? Are you funding your business yourself?

The business is completely funded by me. A fact that I am most proud of.

Lansing Mosaic: Do you have any upcoming shows/events?

I have many upcoming exhibits and events. They are all listed on my website which I update daily.

Lansing Mosaic: When not printmaking, what do you like to do in Lansing?

I can normally be found at the Ave. Carousing with friends. If not there I’m on some wild adventure (my friends can attest to such) or relaxing at home watching movies. Cinema is one of my other faves.

For more information about Kimberly Lavon Ink visit

Instagram: @kimberlylavonink
Twitter: @kimberlylavon
Facebook: KimberlyLavonINK

About the Author
​​Ashlee Willis


About the Author ​​ Ashlee Willis​​ Ashlee Willis is the founder and creator of Lansing Mosaic. Ashlee Willis created the Lansing Mosaic to help highlight more small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Lansing area through articles and video content. She currently resides on the Executive Board of some of Lansing’s well known Organizations, speaker,teacher and entrepreneur. Ashlee enjoys her family, the beach and coffee!
Email: Ashlee@Lansingmosaic.com

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