Interview with Victor Wandzel, Founder of a Social Media Music Application called MuseMe

Lansing Mosaic interviewed Victor Wandzel who is the founder of a mobile application called MuseMe. MuseMe is a social media, music application that allows you to create connections with others based on shared music interest. This application is still under development by his coders, Alex Grein and Dinesh Kamarajan, and consists of a team of Michigan State University students alongside his Co-Founder, Ian Wendrow.

What type of mobile app have you developed?

A social media, music application.

Tell us why you wanted to develop a mobile app? What inspired you?

We’ve wanted to develop a mobile app after realizing the potential, great monetary gain that comes with a successful launch and team effort. The idea was inspired during a lunch conversation around creating a better version of Spotify with a particular focus on people improving connections with others based on shared music interest.

Have you always wanted to be an app developer?

No but the need arose from my observations going to and from class at Michigan State University’s campus.

Do you develop apps for others? If so tell us about them.

Nada but we have other app ideas that we plan to develop in the future.

Are there challenges when it comes to developing apps? How do you overcome

those challenges?

Making sure your idea is novel enough and that your competition is not doing what you’re trying to do. Drafting legal documents, working around technical aspects of coding, and making sure there is a viable market for what you’re selling. Lastly, maintaining a team that shares the same drive and vision for your app. We overcome these challenges by working together, putting forth the effort to understand our problems and reach solutions.

How do you market your mobile app and gain customers?

Word of mouth and specifically by targeting MSU students. Two of our team members work at the student radio station; we have used startup resources at Michigan State specifically at The Hatch, and plenty of social media engagement.

Tell us what your clients are like?

Young, avid music listeners who seek out social activities within the area and are willing to connect with others based on shared music tastes and other interests.

What makes your mobile app more unique then your competitors/others?

There’s no other app we’ve seen, neither on the market nor through research, attempting what we’re doing, whose social connections are built explicitly around a shared love for music.

What resources in Lansing are you utilizing to help get your mobile app going?

The Hatch at Michigan State University, student resources and organizations, as well as relevant faculty and staff.

Do you find creating mobile app development more challenging then starting a business?

Honestly I see them as the same thing. You’re still building something, our infrastructure is just code instead of brick and mortar. Down the line we intend to have a proper headquarters and expand the business with all the attendant risks and opportunities that come with that.

When not working on your mobile app, what do you like to do in Lansing, MI?

Our team has varied interests. Personally, I attend local music shows at Mac’s Bar or The Loft, read and write, and visit the Broad Art museum when I have an odd hour or two to spend. Visiting District5 has also been a blast.

About the Author

Ashlee R. Willis

Ashlee R. Willis
Ashlee Willis is the founder of Lansing Mosaic. Her mission is to help highlight small businesses and entrepreneurial partnerships in the Lansing and surrounding areas.
“Our entrepreneurial backgrounds are diverse, yet like a Mosaic. We come together to form the Lansing Experience” ~Lansing Mosaic

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