Teff-Riffic Ethiopian Business in Lansing  

Rahel Musa is the owner and operator of her family business Teff-Riffic. Teff-Riffic is an Ethiopian food stand inside the Allen Market Place consisting of healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes.

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An Interview with Undra Brown Creator and Founder of OLE

Interview with Undra Brown Owner of OLE http://www.ole.com All photos are courtesy photos Undra Brown- creator and founder of OLE, has created a language exchange business in Lansing providing language teachers for individuals to learn different languages. Brown who is a Lansing Native is a young business owner and entrepreneur who is already gaining media attention and awards for his entrepreneurial journey. Tell us about OLE OLE stands … Continue reading An Interview with Undra Brown Creator and Founder of OLE

Cuts and Convos

The story of Jonathan Arias, founder and barber, of Cuts and Convos in Lansing, MI is an encouraging one for those who want to use nonprofits to improve others’ lives. Jonathan was a barber like any other, starting out offering barber services in college to his classmates and volunteering his services through church events. His talents as a barber coupled with his experience with motivating … Continue reading Cuts and Convos