Cuts and Convos

The story of Jonathan Arias, founder and barber, of Cuts and Convos in Lansing, MI is an encouraging one for those who want to use nonprofits to improve others’ lives. Jonathan was a barber like any other, starting out offering barber services in college to his classmates and volunteering his services through church events. His talents as a barber coupled with his experience with motivating others led him to create a non-profit that is impacting Lansing.

Cuts and Convo, is a non-profit dedicated to providing barber and beauty services to low income residents in Lansing, Mi. Cuts and Convos focuses on enriching individuals through conversations during or promptly following the styling and cutting.  Topics such as legal and spiritual leadership are staples Arias knows best that would inspire an individual to build their self-confidence and pride.

  “ It’s not just barbershop talk, Its powerful conversations”. 

Cuts and Convos have received tons of recognition and support from the local community. When Arias and a group of his close friends pitched the idea of combining beauty and barber services with uplifting conversations to Soup Grant Lansing, a local community pitch competition, they ended up winning 1st place.  That is when Cuts and Convos was established.

Arias is able to connect with many individuals with Cuts and Convos by collaborating with other charitable organizations such as Haven House, Lansing City Rescue and HomelessAngels. One of Arias’ big rewards is seeing his clients who were jobless with no confidence and self-esteem altered to feeling good about them-selves and able to get a employment.

“Cuts and Convos has three manin focuses: we want people to look good, help people gain full employment and have empowering conversations. When you look good you feel good”, states Arias.

There is nothing more rewarding then helping those in need in the Lansing Area and Cuts and Convos is doing just that. Jonathan Arias’ verve and determination is commendable: he saw a need in the Lansing Community and took action to address it. When Jonathan Arias is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

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 About the Author
 Ashlee Willis is the founder and creator of Lansing Mosaic. Ashlee Willis created the Lansing Mosaic to help highlight more small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Lansing area through articles and video content. She currently resides on the Executive Board of some of Lansings well known Organizations. Ashlee enjoys her family, the beach and coffee! 


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