Video Feature: Nola Bistro

Nola Bistro

sugar berry - CopyAnn Nguyen is the founder and owner of Nola Bistro, a Vietnamese restaurant in Lansing. Ann comes from Louisiana and that’s where the bistro’s name comes from—“Nola”, which stands for New Orleans.

“There’s so much opportunity here in Lansing,” she tells Lansing Mosaic. “You just need to go out and grab it.” She saw an opportunity here and felt like “that’s my path.”

As a New Orleans, when asked what motivated and inspired her to start a business here, Ann said she just wanted to bring the New Orleans taste to Lansing area.

She also owns Sugar Berry Frozen Yogurt which has several shops in Lansing area. The idea of the yogurt shop come from her trip to California when she got inspired by the frozen yogurt there.

Previous experience in restaurant industry helped and motivated her to move on to Nola Bistro, while challenges still existed. Signing the paper, deciding what dishes to put out and how to build up the restaurant were never an easy thing for restaurant start-ups.

“I built from zero. There was a lot of work to get to where I am today.”

Ann also shares the most popular dishes in Nola Bistro with Lansing Mosaic. If you are a Pho lover, you won’t want to miss Nola Bistro!

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