Interview with Lhauren Singleton, Owner of The Turn Agency.

IMG_1240Lansing Mosaic caught up with Lhauren Singleton, President & Owner of The Turn Agency . Lhauren is an entrepreneur who has taken an idea and flourished it into a business that is helping christian leaders to thrive and be successful. Not only has Lhauren been surrounded by entrepreneurship with her family, she has also been influenced to start her business by her peers and leaders in the community.

LM: Tell us about The Turn Agency?

Lhauren: The Turn Agency is a consulting agency dedicated to assisting christian leaders in bringing about efficiency in their daily operations. We work with ministries, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

LM: How did you come up with the name The Turn Agency?

Lhauren: I came up with the name “The Turn Agency” because our goal is to turn the face of the world to God by serving and assisting those who work hard everyday to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities.


LM: What sparked your interest in starting The Turn Agency?

Lhauren: It was two-fold. I worked as an insurance agent for about seven years, and during that time I facilitated many educational seminars; the majority of which were done at christian organizations or hosted by christian leaders. I recognized that they had a heart to help people, but most of them spent countless hours a week doing things that may have taken away from their ability to reach people in a way they were most passionate about. Then while studying management and ministry leadership at Cornerstone University, I came up with the idea of consulting with and assisting christian leaders in their efforts to impact their communities. Throughout my life I have seen too many great programs and businesses leave our communities, or scale back their services due to a lack of help and burnout. So the initial spark came and is still there as a result of my heart to help those who help others. This is not to say that those who are not christians do not help people, because I know so many great people that are not necessarily christian and help loads of people. However I strongly believe that when the gospel is shared in the way that it was intended, to spread the love of christ to all, it leaves a lasting impact on the lives of others. I also believe that you do not have to be “in ministry” to be in ministry, so this is our way of doing our work as unto the Lord. After doing research on businesses dedicated to christian organizations or christian owned and operated businesses, and not really finding any, I couldn’t help but seek to fill this need in the marketplace.


LM: How long have you been in Business?

Lhauren: We were established September 15th of 2016


LM: What lead you to become an entrepreneur?

Lhauren: Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. I’ve dreamt of having my own business since I was a child. Honestly every dream I’ve ever had involved me being a pioneer of some sort. When it came to starting The Turn Agency, I basically had to hold myself accountable to the things I say I believe and the people I know I am well equipped to help. Everyone has their specialty, and helping christian leaders happens to be mine. Once I received the support from my husband, and the stamp of approval from my dad, who happens to be an amazing businessman, I had no choice but to become an entrepreneur. Since I couldn’t find anyone else filling that seat in the marketplace, I decided to take on that responsibility. My dad always says, “great business people solve problems”… so here I am.


LM: What makes The Turn Agency Unique?

Lhauren: The Turn Agency is unique because along with implementing systems that are proven when bringing about efficiency, we also put a huge focus on the mission and vision of those that we work with. The nature of the work of our clients often calls for new things to be introduced in their communities, some of which are unconventional. When working with ministries, we do not lose sight on the fact that good business practices should be put in place, but we also understand that we are not working with a business. There are certain aspects of ministry and christian nonprofits that are not as cut and dry as other businesses.


LM: What type of services do you offer? What are your clients like?

Lhauren: We offer program evaluation and operations consulting, leadership development workshops (both virtual and live), and freelance virtual administrative support. Our client is the ministry or not-for-profit organization, or small business that is seeking to bring about efficiency in their operations. They may be new, or are established and going through transition and restructure. Our client is also a small business owner that may need some help establishing efficient systems for their business that will free up time and energy for them to grow their business. Our client is also a ministry or business that may need short term administrative support. We often find that the clients we help with admin support end up requesting consulting services. The work we do helps focus these various organizations on their mission and vision, and frees up time for the leaders to fulfill them.


LM: Are there any business leaders/consultants that inspire you? If so who and why?

Lhauren: My mom, Sherry Scott has always inspired me. She works for MIOSHA in their consultation education and training division. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of her clients and I love to hear how she has helped them improve in their systems to keep their personnel safe. I love how she can be stern, yet caring, and always seeks to find answers for those she works with. I appreciate the passion she has for what she does. She worked in enforcement for years before moving to the consulting division. Her love for people and science is what drives her. Naturally, I have always payed close attention to everything she does, so of course I have always wanted to model how she works in some way within my own field.

Another personal hero of mine is my old children’s church teacher/ leader, Mrs. Toni Glasscoe. She poured so much into me as a child who was very involved and interested in anything related to ministry. She taught me so much about operating in excellence in ministry. She was also someone who was stern, yet loving. She is one of the best examples of someone who has done a great job of understanding the importance of employing great business practices and systems in ministry, but never forgetting that ministry is not business. She saw something in me that I didn’t even have the capacity to recognize as a child, and cultivated it the best way she knew how. I am forever grateful for her and the investment she made in my life.


LM: There are so many others I can think of that I have pulled inspiration from.

Lhauren: appreciate their openness on what works well for them, as well as the things that haven’t worked well.


LM: What advice would you give to woman who are wanting to start a business?

Lhauren: I would tell them to be themselves and not compete with other women. I think it is easy for women to get caught up in competing with others in ways that may not be necessarily healthy. Every woman brings a unique quality to their business. Our experiences in life gives us the ability to approach our businesses in a way that no one else can, so competition and jealousy can be fatal.

LM:How can we find The The Turn Agency?

Lhauren: You can find the turn agency by searching us on Facebook, as well as going to


LM:When not working, what do you like to do in Lansing, MI?

Lhauren: I love a good cup of coffee, so I often find myself drinking an ole blue or some other cocktail at Blue Owl Coffee in REO Town. My husband and I have two toddler boys, so we spend lots of time at parks or walking around at festivals, and shopping to expel some of their energy.

For more info on The Turn Agency visit

Phone Number: (517)420-8349


Facebook: The Turn Agency (


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Ashlee R. Willis is the founder of Lansing Mosaic. Her mission is to help diversify entrepreneurship and highlight small businesses in Lansing, MI. She loves to network, plan events, coffee and be involved with the community.

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