An Interview with Jeffrey Brown, CEO of Advance Health Management

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Jeffrey Brown, Creator & CEO of Advance Health Management is a social entrepreneur who is making an impact to the community. Advance Health Management was created to help provide a support system for people with disabilities living in extreme poverty. Lansing Mosaic caught up with Jeffrey to learn more about Advance Health Management.


LM: Tell​​ us​​ about ​​Advance ​​Health​ ​Management?

Jeffrey: Advance Health Management “Making living at home possible℠” is a home and community-based services “HCBS” organization designed to specialize in Adult Home Help “AHHS” for Medicaid beneficiaries who require long-term care.
We are an approved Michigan Department of Health & Human Services “MDHHS” Provider. We believe in the right to access quality long-term care despite social or economic disparities. Our Virtual CARE Network℠ strives to reach those in need regardless of cultural diversities or differences that make us unique.

LM: ​​What​​ was ​​the ​​spark ​​that ​​led ​​you ​​to ​​start ​​Advance ​​Health ​​Management?

Jeffrey: Advance Health Management™ formerly known as the Inspirational Center was established to help people with disabilities living in extreme poverty and to provide support services to their families.

LM: How ​​long ​​have ​​you ​​been ​​in ​​business?

Jeffrey: Established in 2009


LM: What ​​are ​​some ​​of ​​the ​​services ​​Advance ​​Health ​​Management ​​provides?

Jeffrey: Advance Health Management’s MI CARE Adult Home Help Services provides Medicaid Beneficiaries who require long-term care with a FREE dedicated Virtual CARE Nurse (RN), direct hands-on care, and FREE nationally accredited training for their caregiver of choice. Most often the best care is provided by a FAMILY CAREGIVER or TRUSTED NEIGHBOR.

LM: ​​Are ​​there ​​any ​​leaders ​​in ​​the ​​community ​​who ​​inspire ​​you ​​to ​​be ​​an ​​entrepreneur? ​ ​If​ ​so, ​​who ​​are they ​​and ​​why?

Jeffrey: Advance Health Management’s Advisory Board is filled with Community Leaders who have each significantly helped inspire and shape me as an Social Entrepreneur and most importantly as a person.

LM: ​​What​​ are​​ some​​ of​ ​your ​​major ​​accomplishments ​​as ​​an ​​entrepreneur ​​in ​​the ​​community?

Jeffrey: What a packed question. I believe the most major accomplishment that one can achieve as an entrepreneur would be to see the realization of the impact in which one intended. I think in saying that I will have to see what my most major accomplishments will be when enough time has passed to see the result of mature fruit. Sometimes that can take a life time…

LM: What​​ makes ​​your ​​business ​​unique?

Jeffrey: I created an innovative model too and philosophy that has changed the state of Michigan’s Medicaid Adult Home Help program. Our MI CARE℠ Adult Home Help Service provides a Virtual CARE Network℠ that affords Michigan residents a FREE dedicated Virtual CARE Nurse℠ and for their caregiver of choice, nationally accredited training specific to their patient health needs. Additionally, we offer CARE Pay℠ for caregivers to provide residual supplemental income that helps support caregivers financially.

LM: When​​ not ​​working​ ​on ​​Advance ​​Health ​​Management, ​​what ​​do ​​you​ ​like​ ​to ​​do ​​in ​​Lansing?

Jeffrey: I am a Lansing native, so Lansing has always been my home. Whether I am enjoying our beautiful parks or our peaceful river trails I am happy. I love food for those who know me and enjoy diversity amongst people and culture so being with people is my second love after my heart for God.

For more information visit 

Virtual Headquarters: Lansing, Michigan
 ​​Phone​​ Number: 855-933- CARE (2273)


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