An Interview with Justin McMahan Owner of Justin McMahan Photography

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Lansing Mosaic caught up with Justin McMahan owner of Justin McMahan Photography. Justin McMahan is a professional photographer specializing in lifestyle and event photography capturing unforgettable memories for clients.

LM: Tell us about your business?

Justin: Justin McMahan Photography is a husband/wife team specializing in lifestyle and event photography.

LM: How long have you been in business?

Justin: We’ve officially been an LLC since 2016, but have been capturing memories for clients since 2008.

LM: What makFatou S Previewes your business Unique?

Justin: Being a husband/wife team we have different perspectives and combine abstract and technical to create our work.

LM: What is your workspace like?

Justin: We like to be mobile and do onsite work. For families we can work inside a home to keep things comfortable, but we love bringing clients outdoors because it simply brings out the energy in people. Being mobile has also allowed us to shoot private and public events. For processing, we sometimes work on the road with a mobile platform, but the majority of the work is done on pretty high-resolution screens.

LM: What do you love most about Photography?

Justin: I love the fact that a photo freezes time, one photo gives the opportunity to see things missed in a glance; something a video cannot always produce.

LM: Where did you get your inspiration from?

Justin: Inspiration is continual, but National Geographic is the source of why I love photography. I have a handful of worldwide professionals I like to keep tabs on and even some friends in the business that give me a breath of fresh air.

LM: How would you describe your clients?

 Justin: We take photos of people experiencing life; celebrating, growth, love, and all the moments connecting them.

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LM: What is your creative process like?

Justin: In a photo shoot I try to keep calm, but shoot fast. Processing is meticulous but difficult with all the beautiful people!

LM: Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your business?

Justin: Lighting gurus: Joe McNally and David Honl. Big Brand guru: Scott Kelby.

LM: Have you been featured in any media?

Justin: In August 2015 I was commissioned to shoot PR for Rabbi Eckstein, President and Founder of the IFCJ as he met with Evangelical leaders in Metro Detroit. Those photos were featured in a handful of Jewish media outlets as well as the Detroit Free Press.

LM: Who are some of your famous Artist/Photographers?

Justin: Historically: Ansel Adams. Many have carried over his methods for film to the Digital age. He found himself living the life a shooting what he really loved.

LM: What resources have you used in Lansing to get your business started?

Justin: A few years ago, Scott Kelby brought a lighting seminar to the Lansing Center, it really kicked started me in understanding the use of off camera lighting. Also a formerly local photographer who widely shot senior portraits and high school sporting event mentored me before retiring to Utah. Lansing is also full of little gems of sites to capture some stunning shots and get amazing lighting.

LM: What do you like to do in Lansing when not working?

Justin: I find myself spending my time with my family at local playgrounds, and occasionally attending family oriented events.

For more information on Justin McMahan Photography

(All photos in article were courtesy photos by Justin McMahan)

visit: –or-

Phone Number: 313-649-7522



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7_2017Ashlee R. Willis is the founder of Lansing Mosaic. Her mission is to help diversify entrepreneurship and highlight  diversity & small businesses in Lansing, MI. She loves to network, plan & host events, coffee and be involved with the community.



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