An Interview with Troy Albrecht, Founder of No-Spill Party Cups.

IMG_3421Lansing Economic Area Partnership  will be hosting its 4th annual Hatched event on December 28th featuring nine winners from their 2017 monthly business pitch competition to compete for a $10,000 grand prize. Lansing Mosaic caught up with one of the winners who will be competing, Troy Albrecht. Troy Albrecht is the founder of No-Spill Party Cups, silicon-weighted plastic cups that won’t spill water while playing party games.

How did you find out about The Hatching?  

I heard about The Hatching contest through Michigan State University’s Entrepreneurial Association. I have been a member there for two years now; it’s a fantastic program and has helped many people. I won the April, 2017 contest for No-Spill beer pong cups.

When did you realize you had a passion for entrepreneurship?


I realized I had a passion for entrepreneurship while reflecting on my attempts to start multiple business endeavors throughout my life. I always have new ideas for products and I wanted to learn the skills that would help me act upon them. I have also been interested in the entrepreneurial aspects of the standard business major courses and so decided to make it part of my degree as a minor and really work towards starting businesses early.
Your idea includes a No-Spill Beer Pong Cups. Maturin LLC is such a unique name. Tell us about the meaning behind the name.


Maturin actually comes from my all-time favorite books, “The Dark Tower series”, by Stephen King. Maturin is a fabled turtle that 


supposedly created this universe. Turtles/tortoises have just been a trend for me for a while; I have a turtle on my car dashboard, business card, necklace, phone background, etc. I decided it was a good name for the company so that it could encompass many different types of businesses.

Tell us about your community involvement in the greater Lansing area.

I try to stay involved with the Michigan State University community both professionally and in recreation. My business’s first product launch, No-Spill Beer Pong Cups, will begin in the East Lansing community through retail, tailgates, fraternities, etc. In addition, some of the recycled material that goes into the No-Spill Cups comes from the East Lansing area. I am a member of The Hatch and the Entrepreneurship Association. I enjoy collaborating with other students who are also pursuing start-up businesses and working through the inevitable complications. 3042980250_3cbfe6f40b

Are you a student? If so where do you attend school?

I am currently attending Michigan State University as a Junior Business Management major with an Entrepreneurship minor.

What are you doing to prep for the Hatching Finale coming up in November?

For the Hatching Finale I am refining the product to be in its final form by the November contest. I plan to make some initial sales for financial data to show the exact profit margin and sales price at the contest. I am also redesigning the financing to allocate the prize money to the most useful channels to accelerate my business. I have been interviewing and surveying to get a broader public opinion on the factors of price, use, preferred methods of acquiring, and more so that I can have a set specific marketing plan to present to the judges.
About the Author

7_2017Ashlee R. Willis is the founder of Lansing Mosaic. Her mission is to help diversify entrepreneurship and highlight  diversity & small businesses in Lansing, MI. She loves to network, plan & host events, coffee and be involved with the community.


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