Interview with Delon Delafosse, Owner of Blings and Things By Delon.

Delon Paparazzi 1
Lansing Mosaic Caught up with Delon Delafosse who is the owner of Blings and Things By Delon. Her business sells jewelry and accessories. Delafosse explains what motivated her to start her own jewelry business and how she networks in Lansing, MI.
Lansing Mosaic: Tell us about your business? When did you start and what is your business title?
Delon: My Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessory business consists of  $5 jewelry and accessories that come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. All necklaces come with matching earrings for $5. All of my items are $5. I started my business with Paparazzi Accessories in 2015 after having back surgery. I knew from that point forward that I did not want to work for Corporate America ever again. I had a huge success with my Facebook Jewelry Parties. It has been a success since then.
Lansing Mosaic: You recently moved to Lansing. Have you attended any networking events? What are you doing to help market your business?
Delon: I was able to attend the Lansing Mosaic Annual Diversity Holiday Mixer. I have also been networking with groups at Michigan State University. I believe that networking is key. I’m looking to serve in the community which will allow me to be apart of the community and not just in the community. This is also a great way to connect and market my business. I also connect with other business owners in Lansing by reaching out to partner with them.
Lansing Mosaic: What are some of the items you sale in your business? 
Delon: I sale necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, headbands, headbows, men real leather bracelets, and men necklaces. All of my items are nickel and lead free so therefore, it won’t break you out nor cause any itchy ears or necks.
Lansing Mosaic: When did you realize you had a passion for entrepreneurship, and the entrepreneurial side of things ? What keeps that fire going?
Delon: I realized I had a passion for entrepreneurship back in 1999. I went to school for Massage Therapy and after passing my exam, I opened up my very own location and from there I knew I wanted to only work for myself because I absolutely loved it. I believe in surrounding myself with like minded individuals that are just as positive motivating as I am and that helps to keep my fire going.
Delon's Booth
Lansing Mosaic:When not working, what do you like to do in Lansing, MI?
Delon: I love to get out and explore Lansing. It’s a beautiful area with so much to see. I really enjoy store hopping with my husband and our son. We also attend lectures and symphony performances at the college. Networking is key.
For more information on Blings & Things by Delon  visit  Facebook:

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