Allen Neighborhood Center


Allen Neighborhood Center

Joan Nelson is the executive director of Allen Neighborhood Center. The center is a community development agency serving the northeast quadrant of the city of Lansing, with the focus on health education, food access, housing improvement, social capital building and commercial corridor revitalization.

During our Lansing Mosaic interview, Joan talks a little bit about Allen Farmers Market with Lansing Mosaic. The market has been around since 2004. Its indoor season and outdoor seasons are both six months. “It’s a lively farmers market, we have about 30 vendors and we draw between 700 and 1100 people every Wednesday,” she says.

In addition, Allen Farmers Market has a food court featuring all ready-to-eat food, such as Ethiopian food, Mexican food, and so on.

Allen Farmers Market makes it possible for people to have easy and affordable access to lovely local grown food. “The local and sustainably grown food movement has really taken root in Lansing, and in fact, Mid-Michigan area” says Joan.

You can find more about the farmers market by logging on to www.allenneighborhoodcenter.org. The outdoor season is right here at Allen Farmers Market. Enjoy the beautiful summer days and don’t forget to pick some local grown fresh food!

View Lansing Mosaic interview HERE

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