An Interview with Aondray Worthy, Owner of Majeste 931 LLC

Author Asha Dawsey

image4“Dress how you want to be Addressed,” said Aondray Worthy, the owner of Majeste 931 LLC, when discussing the value of being a well-dressed man.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Worthy where he shared his experiences and many strides to build and obtain this successful business. Majeste 931, home-grown business specializing in menswear, such as suits, dress shirts, casual wear, etc. As well as personal consultations with interested customers, which will soon be offered online.

Exploring Majeste 931 LLC its no doubt this company prides itself on very affordable and high quality fashion. “I’ve always grown-up around fashion when it comes to dressing,” said Worthy.  When speaking with Worthy, it was reminded the product can only go as far as the creator takes it. Majeste 931 LLC expands beyond the Lansing, Michigan area, providing at-home services to any customer in need. A significant amount for traveling which is provided through his own expenses.


Though there are many large brand companies that provide dress clothing, Worthy isn’t bothered by assumed competition. “There’s enough business for everyone, but going to larger brands their missing the asset from a small business,” said Worthy.

In a business, as competitive as fashion and many fields of study, Worthy left a few tips for the readers to take home. “If you have a dream you have to go for it, work, and research,” said Worthy, “get around three people doing what you’re doing and you’re bound to be the fourth”.

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