Interview with Realtor Amy Jackson

By Jada Simone Fischer

Amy Jackson Interview Picture 4Lansing Mosaic had the pleasure of speaking with local realtor Amy Jackson in regards to her involvement and service within the Lansing community. With a personal motto of “Always serving – always selling,” it is evident that Amy believes she can gain success by having it in her heart to help others. Let’s take a deeper look into our interview.

Lansing Mosaic: Can you tell me about your experience in real estate?

Jackson:I started a little over three years ago as a mentee of a lot of amazing professionals in the industry. I began as part of a team, which really helped serve as a training ground for me. Now I am an independent agent! I’m also a CTA which means that I am a Certified Tourism Ambassador, trained on all things Greater Lansing. This includes history, our diverse communities, and knowledge of local attractions and resources. Being a CTA is a huge benefit in assisting buyers with finding not only the perfect home, but also the perfect community for them.

Lansing Mosaic: What inspired you to get involved with real estate and why do you love it today?

Jackson: I’ve been an entrepreneur since 19. I’ve also worked in a fortune 500 company which gave me a lot of experience in the business aspect. However, I was originally wanting to study interior design but didn’t know what career I wanted from that.

With my business/entrepreneur background and loving home design and people, real estate seemed to be the perfect fit for me. I actually have a lot of realtors in my family including two aunts and my grandma. My aunt, who is my best friend and mentor, has been in the business for over 30 years. She was a huge supporter and motivator to get into the field. My husband was also a big push for me to follow my dreams and go after a career that I’m passionate about.

Amy Jackson Interview Pictuire

Lansing Mosaic: Can you tell me a little more about the business you started at 19 and how you made the transition into real estate?

Jackson: I started a marketing company in Lansing. We marketed businesses, people and services. It was actually a really difficult transition because I had to figure out how to market myself to gain exposure. I had find a way to let people know who I am and communicate my skills and experience while remaining authentic. Authenticity is very important for me! I also make sure that people did not confuse my passion for home as overly emotional. I believe that when you are passionate about what you do, it is a good indicator that you’ll get the job done well.

Lansing Mosaic: What made you decide to work in the Lansing area?

Jackson: I actually never planned on it. Originally, I was supposed to go to school in Chicago but that didn’t work out as planned. I feel that it must have been God that brought me to Lansing. Here, I was able to establish my faith and start non profit work that I’m passionate about. I also fell in love with the community and small town feel of Lansing.

Lansing Mosaic: Can you tell me more about the non-profit work that you do in Lansing?

Jackson: I am the Committee Chair of the Aitch Foundation’s  annual fundraiser, which raises money for cancer detection research and funds fellowships at MSU. I also am a part of GLAR (Greater Lansing Association of Realtors). One of my favorite projects with them was working with the city to turn a vacant lot into a pop up park. We made a young girl’s dream come true of having a safe, fun park to play at with her friends. I support the Arts Council of Greater Lansing as well in there support of cultural diversity in the community. I work with them on the placemaking summit committee. COGL, Church of Greater Lansing, helps unify safe place organizations throughout the community. I got involved with them to help bring organizations together to make a greater impact on the city.

Amy Jackson Interview Picture 2

In addition to the organizations that I am involved with, I also host Home Buyer Seminars. The purpose is to educate and empower those interested in owning a home. It is a free event that is fun and has a warm environment where myself and a local Mortgage Officer explain the process of buying a home and cover all questions so people can confidently make a move! I also host annual vision board parties at not cost. It’s a blast to get together with others and set goals and support one another in accomplishing them!

I was recently recognized for my work in the community when I received the 2018 Hero Award. As a recipient, I was also awarded $1,000 to go towards an organization of my choice, which I selected the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. I was thrilled to help support their kids arts projects and place-making initiatives.

Amy Jackson Interview Picture 3

Lansing Mosaic: What makes your love for home so strong ?

Jackson: To me, home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It’s the people around us, a place to raise our kids, having a sense of community. Community is everything and sometimes people overlook that important factor. I help people to see that and get involved to strengthen it and make an impact whether it’s financially or lending a hand.

This isn’t something I’m doing as a side hustle or temporarily, I truly believe that I’ve found my forever career in real estate. I consider it a great honor to be the first to welcome people home here in Greater Lansing!

Having an increase of people who find a home here, promotes great economic growth to our region, and it is unique to be a Realtor &  CTA.  I proudly #LoveLansing and am committed to see our area thrive and grow!


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