Mission & Vision


Lansing Mosaic highlights Diversity and Entrepreneurship in Lansing, MI by partnering with organizations to market, educate and create events valuing Lansing, MI diverse business culture. Lansing Mosaic LLC strives to promote & educate the diverse business culture in Lansing, MI through projects, events, videos & article content and also by partnering with businesses and organizations who are fostering diversity and inclusion and economic/community growth in Lansing, MI.

Lansing Mosaic LLC aimes to be one of the diversity advocates for the Lansing Region by marketing, educating and creating events to help show the value of Lansing’s diverse business culture

Meet the Founder, Chief Editor & Host of Lansing Mosaic


Ashlee R. Willis Founder of Lansing Mosaic, created Lansing Mosaic to help highlight more small businesses and minority entrepreneurs in the Lansing area through articles and video content showcasing there products and business journey. For more information about Lansing Mosaic email ashlee@lansingmosaic.com